Harp Technologies – an overview

Harp Technologies is a privately-owned SME company that provides technology and Research and Development (R&D) services in RF, microwave, and millimetre-wave engineering. Complementary design services in embedded electronics, software, and mechanical design are also provided. Our activities are organised into four business lines: microwave sensors, microwave components, signal processing, and electromagnetics. A video presenting the business lines can be seen below.

Harp Technologies has deep roots in the national and international RF and microwave technology communities and has a strong team of experienced design engineers. Our work is characterised by innovativeness, flexibility, and high quality, as well as schedule and cost control.

The company premises are in the Innopoli 2 business park in Espoo, Finland, in the Otaniemi Technology area, 10 km from downtown Helsinki and only five minutes’ walk from the nearest metro station (Aalto yliopisto – Aalto universitetet). Otaniemi is the largest technology, innovation, and business hub in Northern Europe, a community of over 32,000 students and technology professionals, various R&D centres, academic institutions, and over 800 companies. Thus, Otaniemi offers the optimum location for Harp Technologies to address and solve customers’ needs, even the toughest ones.

Our slogan is Beyond Limits™, which reflects our ability to think outside the box and our determination to solve even the toughest challenges.



The history of the company

Dr Janne Lahtinen founded Harp Technologies in 2007. Prior to that he had served a few leading commercial and publicly funded organisations in the field of microwave and millimetre wave engineering and been involved in the development of many state-of-the-art systems for terrestrial, airborne, and space use. Beside his company position, Dr Lahtinen is also a Docent in Aalto University (Espoo, Finland), in the area of “Microwave Sensor Technology in Environmental Sensing.” To quote Dr Lahtinen on his reasons for founding the company, “I felt that there was a demand for a company that would exploit the best traditions, innovations, and practices from both the commercial and academic worlds. The aim was, and still is, to provide the customer with the best value by combining state-of-the-art competence, understanding of customer needs, and reliable service with high quality.” Harp Technologies’ concept has been proven to be successful indeed, and its services have been well received in both domestic and international markets. This is evidenced by the continuous extension of the customer base and growth of the company.

The name of the company, “Harp Technologies”, pays tribute to the dawn of electromagnetic theory and to its founders. The unified model of electromagnetism, the foundation of radio frequency engineering, was formulated by James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) and presented in the so-called Maxwell’s equations. These equations apply a mathematical differential operator, introduced by William Rowan Hamilton (1805-1865) and denoted by an inverted Greek letter delta, ∇. Today, the commonly used name for this symbol is “nabla”, which is originally a humorous suggestion by Maxwell: the inverted delta resembles the form of an Egyptian harp, called a “nabla” in Greek. Thus, the “Harp” in “Harp Technologies” means ∇, that is, the nabla operator.



The value for the customer

In supporting the customer’s research and product development, Harp Technologies provides added value with its technical excellence, which is complemented with rigorous management and quality practices. Our services can help our customers to achieve the following goals:

  • development of novel or improved products
  • shortened development cycles and reduced total cost of development
  • lowered fixed costs and improved flexibility
  • secured access to top-level RF and microwave expertise
  • concentration on their own core competences
  • secured Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) generated during the process

We constantly improve our competence, resources, and capabilities to satisfy our customers’ needs. We are convinced that this approach is the best in optimising customer value (i.e. the difference between benefits and total costs) and maintaining our competitive edge over our competitors. On the technical side, we place great emphasis on the talent, competence, and innovation of our personnel. We also use state-of-the-art tools, apply high-performance measurement equipment, and have a living connection to academia. Our technical competence is complemented by our rigorous project and quality management practices. In summary, “we aim to provide our customers with the best value, and better each time.”

The competence to satisfy customers needs
The competence to satisfy customers’ needs and the improvement of that competence is at the centre of Harp Technologies’ working philosophy.



Mission and values

Our mission

Harp Technologies’ mission is to support our customers and provide them with solutions in the area of radio frequency engineering. With our intimate knowledge of RF, microwave, and millimetre wave technology, we

  • help our customers to develop innovative and competitive products
  • develop methods and technology to acquire critical measurement data

We stay ahead of our competitors by providing superior added value to our customers.

Our values

Our values guide our everyday work. This holds true for our interaction with our customers and other stakeholders, as well as for our relationships within our own organisation.

Creating customer value

The very reason for our existence is the customer value that we generate. Without satisfied customers there is no reason for us to exist. Therefore, keeping promises and generating the best value for our customers and responding to their needs are at the very centre of everything we do.


To achieve the goals set, we work in close cooperation with our customers, subcontracting partners, and other stakeholders. In both internal and external cooperation, our fundamental cornerstones are openness, trust, and active dialogue.

Professional excellence

The talent, competence, and innovation of our personnel is our most valuable asset. Aiming for professional excellence, we reinforce this asset by placing strong emphasis on continuous learning, a living connection to academia, state-of-the-art working tools, and supporting the professional growth of our personnel.