Harp Technologies Ltd

Harp Technologies provides consultancy and Research and Development (R&D) services in RF, microwave, and millimetre wave technology. Complementary design services in embedded electronics and mechanical design are provided as well. Harp Technologies is your reliable partner in developing innovative and competitive products that exploit radio frequency technology and in developing customer-specific components, equipment, and solutions for your needs. In combining the best traditions and practices from both the academic and commercial worlds, our work is characterised by innovativeness, flexibility, and high quality, as well as schedule and cost control. Our customers range from individual inventors and SMEs to research organisations and global publicly listed companies.

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Radio frequency technology is generic in nature, and our services are therefore not restricted to a particular industry or application. However, our prime customer segments are space, defence & security, telecom & wireless, and remote sensing. Remote sensing here includes the monitoring and measurement of the environment and human-made targets, as well as industrial processes.